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Mexican company, dedicated to the commercialization of medical devices, based on technology applied to health.

"Indexlab is a means of accompaniment so that people can transform their life opportunities"            -Christian Sánchez.


According to the Office of Technological Assessment of the United States Congress (OTA), health technology is defined as “the drugs, medical and surgical devices used in medical care and the organizational and support systems within which said attention".

At INDEXLAB we work to offer our partners personalized solutions that guarantee their peace of mind and confidence that their objectives are met and exceed any expectations.

Health technology currently plays a key role in user care, without neglecting doctors and other health professionals.

Improvement of the Quality of Services.
They save lives.
Efficiency in the Provision of Services.
Diagnostic Accuracy.
Reduction of Hospitalization Times.
Less Invasive Procedures.
Among others

Why Indexlab?

We work to ensure that health professionals in Latin America use devices, systems and services with innovative and disruptive technology, constantly searching for opportunities to represent fresh ventures, a high-performance team, quick to react and specialized in solving the needs of our market, maximizing the investment value.

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