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Organizational Philosophy

At Indexlab, we work to offer our partners personalized solutions that guarantee their peace of mind and confidence that their objectives are met and exceed any expectations.

In our work team we have specialists who understand and overcome problems thanks to the implementation of a continuous training methodology, constant market exploration and permanent adherence to social commitment.

Our work team works and is here to serve. We solve and guarantee that decision-making adheres to the strictest quality and service standards. Our work team knows that health is not the most important thing, it is everything.

About Indexlab




We work to ensure that health professionals in Latin America use devices, systems and services with innovative and disruptive technology, to generate a positive impact on people, family and society, through a constant search for opportunities to represent avant-garde medical enterprises with support international.


In 2026, we will be the best option representing high-tech medical enterprises with international support in Latin America.

General objective

Identify products and services of high medical technology developed by world leaders, to which the population of Mexico and Latin America hardly have access and facilitate their commercialization.


Clinically validated solutions

The eQuest was proudly published in the journal of optometry and vision science in 2018.